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Food Journal, Day 7

9:15 got up. I stayed in bed for 10 whole hours.

10:00 a mess of kale, chard, 3 eggs, kraut & sourcream. with a small glass of beet kvass. yum.

My mouth is really dried out now. Those bitter greens suck the moisture right out of me. Maybe a tea of something moistening will be good all the way down. Ate a prune. Had a nice poop.

1:00 some leftover chicken and root veggies, 1 cup of green smoothie, with kefir, coconut milk, whey protein, berries and kale

4:30 1 more cup of smoothie and water, small handful of almonds and macadamias.

7:15 Dinner: chicken, root veggies, asparagus, spinach, dressing, kraut and sourcream. A cranberry juice popsicle for desert, tangy and barely sweet at all.

9:30 to go to bed early now. Yes!


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