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Food Journal, Day 6

5:30 woke up, enjoying bed. My body still needs a little more catching up, eight hours is not enough yet.

6:40 got up, Psyllium water. Cascara Sagrada.

7:15 made a quart of belly tea, a formula for leaky gut I learned in class with a few other herbs. Burdock, licorice, marshmallow and Oregon grape boiled for 20 minutes plus chamomile, calendula, peppermint, pinch of agrimony. Oh it’s so sweet and good. I sat and sipped and listenend to a meditative recording for a bit before work.

8:00 a little kale on my way out the door. Fresh from the plant. delicious.

8:30 Breakfast: 3 eggs, papaya, cucumber, tabbouleh, 1 oz goat cheese, avocado, bell pepper. With tea and morning supplements.

10:45 kids had snack, but I was overstimulated at Omsi and chose to just drink water. You go girl! In the car home I had a little more of my herb tea.

12:15 Lunch: 3 slices turkey, 3 cups spinach and lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber, goat cheese, avocado, goddess dressing, olives

5:30 Dinner: Graeme’s Meatloaf Minis (a.k.a. “WODs) made of sweet potato.

I substituted this for the tomato paste.

All chopped up with onion, parsley, egg and seasonings

then mixed with beef and baked in the oven.

I ate three on a bed of spinach and lettuce with the last of the avocado, a little more kraut and bruschetta sauce. A little apple sauce afterwards.

Maybe it was the sweet potato, or the effect of the moon. Or simply the end of the third long day without any concentrated sugar. But when I got home, I really wanted some.

So at 7 I had a dish of yogurt with berries, almond butter and cacao nibs. And then I drank a pint of chicken broth and started a collage. In case it hasn’t occurred to anyone reading this, making art and exercising are some of the best ways of moving through food craving moments.

8:45 one more WOD. Better than a cookie.

11:15 to bed

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