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Food Sensitivity induced abdominal swelling

This morning I woke up and my belly was noticeably flat. Just one day without any irritating foods can do that. Yesterday was totally grain and sugar free for me.

It’s described as non gaseous abdominal swelling/ bloating and makes people look like they are pregnant. Do you, or someone you know sometimes have a big distended belly, one that comes and goes throughout the day and with eating? Well, it is likely caused by a reaction to an irritating food that makes all the lymphatic tissue in the digestive tract swell up. This type of bloating is different from abdominal fat and is not relieved by passing gas. But is most definitely relieved by removing the offending foods.

As the bacteria in my gut get balanced out my whole being gets balanced out. The gut has more neural pathways than the brain, it is an aspect of our thinking. When it is inflamed and on high alert emergency mode, how might that make me feel? Tense, anxious, afraid and over time exhausted and depressed.

I realize more and more that I really want to work with people on food sensitivities and nutrition. It is such a key part to healing our bodies and herbs are great at supporting that.


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