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Food Journal, Day 5

6:00 woke up, still tired after 7 hours of sleep. Yes, I know get to bed earlier.

6:55 got up, hungry, a little low blood sugar jittery. Slight ache in my joints and still needing to have a good poop. But my belly is noticeably not bloated. Tiny poop.

7:20 psyllium in warm water, Oregon grape tincture

bone broth, food, food journal, Rox Chox

7:35 a slice of papaya, 1 cup smoothie, 1 Tbsp coconut milk. Going for a new/old idea of not waiting so long in the morning to eat something, though I’ll still have scrambled eggs at work. Toddler L. does so love to “stir eggs”.

9:00 3 eggs scrambled, 1 cup cucumber salad, 1/2 cup sauerkraut. 1 cup chicken broth. Morning supplements and burdock tincture.

Ahh, chicken broth, it is totally relaxing. It is supposed to be really healing and nourishing to the intestinal tract and promote the beneficial digestive bacteria. But really, what I most like about it is the way it slows down my mind and my metabolism shifts from flight or fight to rest and digest. L. asked if it was coffee, anti- coffee is more like it.

9:20 Finally, the larger bowel movement I’ve been waiting for, still a little strained and made up of hard balls. (I hope I don’t offend anyone with my frank talk about poop. I work with little kids so we talk about it all the time, and it is so tied up with what we eat it would seem odd to leave it out of a food journal.)

12:30 Lunch: 1/2 roasted chicken breast & 1/2 cup roots, 1/2 cup quinoa tabbouleh, small salad of lettuce and goddess dressing, 1 cup broth

Feeling pretty good and happy. We’ll see if the quinoa creates any bloating this time.

3:15 feeling a little desire for something sweet. Drank some water and read a book instead.

4:00 snack time: Ate 2 grapes and 1 cup kombucha with chia and psyllium.

Then when I got in the car I had a small bite of Rox Chox, amazing xylitol sweetened, locally made, sugar free chocolate. But I ate more than I really wanted, the car can be like that, and it totally triggered my binge response. Fortunately, 5 almonds and 1/2 package of Seaweed Snacks were all I ate. But my belly felt a little off afterwards.

6:00 Dinner: 1/2 chicken breast, 1/2 cup roasted root veggies, 1/2 cup cucumber salad, 1/2 cup broccoli, 1 cup asparagus. You see I like to cook once and then eat it for a while.

9:30 to bed, for real this time

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