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Bees in their new home

It’s been a week since I shook the swarm off this branch. These are the ones who still lingered for a while after the shaking.Bees, new hive, wax, swarm catchingHere the ones in the big plastic bin are fanning their little wings to call the others down from the branch.

Bees, new hive, wax, swarm catching

Late at night, after they’d all gathered in the bin, I installed them in my top bar hive in my little backyard.Bees, new hive, wax They moved right in to their new home and the comb left by my colony from last year.
Bees, new hive, wax They went through a whole quart of sugar syrup so far and today I gave them a little more since it’s going to be a bit cooler for a while. They may really not need it. I looked around inside the hive and discovered that they are indeed storing honey and pollen. That’s a good sign. No baby bees eggs to be seen yet. I sure hope they know what they are doing. I’m a little anxious after loosing last year’s swarm, but these gals are way ahead and much more mellow.

Bees, new hive, waxPlenty of action at the door.

Bees, new hive, waxComing and going.

Bees, new hive, waxEven in the short time they spent in this bin, about 4 hours, they put down a thick layer of wax. The little black specks are ants from my yard who came to clean out anything yummy that was left behind. That took them about half a day. Amazing how well all of this is taken care of in nature.

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