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Food Journal, day 1

Ok, here we go. I tend to be pretty thorough when I write about food and my body. Over time I plan to abbreviate things I’ve mentioned before, but for now I’ll put in as much as I can think of about what and why.

Things I pay attention to, which I think are directly effected by when, what and how much I eat: mood, digestion (mainly bowel movements or gas pain), inflammatory joint pain, skin irritation, sugar cravings, energy and sleep.

5:50 am Woke up.

Feeling a little agitated due to some combination of exhausting dream, several sangrias last night, large dinner with a little extra delicious grilled chicken, moon in Aries or just my temperament. My joints are a bit tender, maybe a 3 out of 10, left jaw, right shoulder, right foot. Belly full like a lump of undigested food sitting in it.

Wrote morning journal, deep breathing, meditate and stretch a little. Joints loosening, feeling optimistic and ready to go.

6:30 Oregon Grape Root tincture, 1/2 dropper to stimulate digestion. One of the general digestive tonics I take these days, but a little extra to help move dinner.

Psyllium husk, 1/2 tsp. in 1 pint warm water. Fiber for my bowels .

6:40 BM (bowel movement) well formed, medium size, easy. Satisfying.

7:30 a little grumbly in my tumbly so I had a spoon full of coconut manna (ground up coconut flesh textured like nut butter) that held me over nicely.

8:40 Breakfast (a little later than is best for my blood sugar, but I prefer to eat with my toddler L. once I get to my nanny job rather than rush it in on the way out the door)

food, food journal, fermented foods, paleo diet

A mess of greens sautéed: 6 cups chopped chard, dandelion and sow thistle (identified yesterday in my yard thanks to John Kallas and Edible Wild Plants) a little on the bitter side even for my taste! Next time I’ll use less than 1/3 strong, wild bitter greens. And 1/4 onion.

3 eggs scrambled: locally pastured organic straight from the ‘egg lady’

About 1 Tbsp coconut oil to fry it all in. Yes, fats are good. Sometimes I have even more than that. Fills me up and keeps me going much better than carbs and counter to pop diet ideas eating good fat makes you thin. I am most certainly a case where that happened. *

2 Tbsp Kim Chi: fermented veggies taste great and increase beneficial gut bacteria

10:30 ish snack at the park. The kids needed snack, I wasn’t really hungry so I ran around, did sit -ups and pull ups. The playground is great for that sort of thing. Then I had a few strawberry slices, a small piece of jicama and a bit of salty, oily nori.

11:30 1 pint water on the way home. Nothing like good, clean water to fill you up. I generally filter mine to get out the chlorine remnants mostly, but in Portland the water is so good that if I’m out I just drink from the tap. Though I do like to let it run until fresh and cold, who knows what’s in those pipes. And I like to set it out in the sun to get energized for a while when I have the chance

Feeling good, energized, satiated.

12:20 Lunch : 1/3 lb salmon w/o skin, Trader Joe’s Chimichuri

Salad: 3 cups romaine lettuce

1 cup quinoa tabbouleh (about equal parts quinoa and vegggies. Parsley, cucumber, bell pepper, olive oil and apple cider vinegar) Quinoa is my one exception to the grains and legumes avoidance. I seem to digest it alright if I eat 1/2 cup or less at a time and not too often.

2 Tbsp home made Goddess dressing (tahini, olive and sesame oils, lemon juice, parsley, garlic, salt, touch of maple syrup)

1/3 Fuerte Avocado

1:00 1/2 pint water.

Feeling a little achy in my wrists after typing all of this. Full, probably didn’t need that much fish, but eating with toddlers is a bit of a hectic affair and when I feel stressed I eat extra. Plus I thought they might eat a bit more of the fish than they did. When I pause after eating to just sit and digest I can almost feel the energy radiating out from my belly. Millions of micro organisms hard at work breaking down the food and moving the nutrients into my blood. Oh so greatful for GI flora, liver, pancreas and all my organs.

4:30 snack: 1 cup kombucha with chia seed and psyllium. 1/4 cup jicama. 6 pecans (I try to moderate the nuts, because otherwise I might eat a whole cup and end up with that rock in the belly feeling)

1 pint water. It’s hot out today and I feel thirsty. Plus I bet all those dandelion leaves from this morning are a bit diuretic and hence drying.

6:45 dinner: Pretty much left overs from my day.

food, food journal, fermented foods, paleo diet

2-3 oz salmon, 1 cup tabbouleh, 1 cup lettuce, 1/4 cup bell pepper, 1/4 cup kim chi, 1/4 avocado, 2 Tbs dressing, 1 fried egg and a 1/2 squirt of Oregon Grape and Burdock tincture.

Then I wanted desert so I went and mowed the lawn and pruned my cedar tree for a while. I have learned that exercise and sleep often work when I desire food but am not really hungry.

1/2 pint water

8:30 another tsp of coconut mana and about that much cacao nibs

And lastly some links

* writing about fats and some Paleo basics

Nom nom Paleo my favorite recipes and beautiful food photos

The Importance of Fat

Good Fats

Paleo intro by Robb Wolf

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