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Food journal, day 0

I was talking about my diet today with some of my relatives and how I feel good when I follow it. Amazingly enough they were curious for more. One of them even asked to know what I eat on a day to day basis.

I’ve tracked my food before over the years. A few months with weight watchers, several more with Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating (a great book to look at your patterns with food) and almost two years with Radiant Recovery (managing blood sugar fluctuations and mood with food: eat at a regular schedule, enough protein, take out sugar). I learned a lot about how I eat, when, what and how much as well as how that makes me feel both physically and emotionally. I am much more aware of my eating and body as a result.

Eventually I let the rigorous tracking and planning go in favor of a more intuitive approach to food, checking in with my body before I eat to see what is best in that moment. And following the advice of my nutritionist Dr. Sadie Rutter. She reinforced the idea of taking sugar and grains out of my diet, as well as beans, which just always give me gas no matter how I prepare them. She also has recommended a variety of supplements based on her intuitive readings, which I’ll share more about at some point. Through all of this I have lost over 20 lbs, recovered from adrenal exhaustion, reduced a number of digestive issues and more. Read my post about all that has improved in the last two years, diet is a major part of that.

In any case a little structured review of what I’m putting in my body from time to time is certainly a good thing.

It’s really something everyone ought to do once in a while, just write it all down to check in. I have never done it in such public format as blogging. A little frightening actually. What will people think? Food is one of our most intimate daily interactions with the world.

As I consider it further I think it may be just the right thing to do, at least for a few weeks. It will give a sense to you lovely readers of what fun paleo ish diet can be and it will lend me some accountability as I push myself a little further back into the sugar free realm. Dark chocolate, dried fruit and some refined sugars snuck their way into my daily patterns. Just last night I said to myself, time to break that habit because I was starting to feel the inflammation in my joints kick up into the painful realm.

So, tomorrow I start. Tune in for more food journaling.


  1. Taunya says

    Wow, i really appreciate this. Food is a constant struggle and battle for me. I’m very interested in reading more and Thankyou for making the effort.

    • Cat says

      Taunya, so nice to know you’re interested. It’s much more fun to write when I know folks are reading it. I’ll be sure to fill you in on all the nitty gritty details and hopefully it will be helpful.

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