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On the inner plane you can not lie

When I work with little children I listen to the subtle voices, as much as possible.

Truth, Children, Meditation, Subtle voices, inner plane, Awareness, kids, reflection

People communicate, just like plants and animals, silently on the inner plane. It is easiest to hear when we’re not talking, or with little children.

Little children don’t know how to lie, they just tell it how they see it. What is inside them comes out. But words are tricky and soon they learn that they can say things that are not “true” and that has all sorts of interesting effects.

As adults we swim in lies, so many we hardly know they are there. Beliefs, Illusions, Stories, … call them what you will, the things we tell ourselves and each other that aren’t real and then try hard to live in accordance with.

I spend much of my time in meditation trying to sort that out and find my way back to Reality. Plants live there, and little children.

On the inner plane you can not lie, only pretend you don’t hear.

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