Children, My story
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I love kids

Suddenly it occurs to me what a big role kids play in my life.

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Sure, I know I work 30+ hours a week with two amazing toddlers, have a 7 year old daughter of my own, started and worked at the Village Free School (a small, democratic school in SE Portland) for 5 years, nannied for 3 years before that and worked at a Montessory preschool in my early twenties.

But somehow it never showed up in my mind as one of my hobbies, interests or passions. Really!?! I bet that’s what any of the people who know me must be thinking right now. It’s one of those blind spots right in front of your face.

Clearly I love kids. I take more pictures of them than I do of plants, mountains, art, anything really. I’m almost always reading a few parenting books. And people have been paying me and thanking me for over a decade for taking care of, loving, educating, playing with, feeding and nurturing their offspring.

But me, I didn’t really notice until recently.

I’ve been doing the exercises in the The Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart and one of them has you read lots of magazine articles, list your favorite movies and books and make a collage to help give you a sense of what is important to you. Turns out I like movies about lone heros who somehow move beyond their human foibles to save something important to them. I delight in vast vistas and breathtaking images of nature. I love reading about food. And I love reading and talking about kids, how to feed them, parent them, educate them, discipline them, play with them, love them, you name it.

Hmm. That bounced around my head for a while until a lightbulb went off. ” Perhaps I’d like writing about them too.” And perhaps some folks might like reading what I write.

In my indecisive way I am contemplating whether to start a separate blog for that. But really, one thing I know, kids are some of my greatest teachers. So talking about my experiences with them belongs right here. Along side the other ways in which I am awakening each day to more of who I am and hopefully helping us all to heal.


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