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Is all this healing work worth it?

Recently, on my way to herb school, I remembered a class from last year where a fellow student had helped me work on the chronic pain in my shoulder.  “Hmm, I haven’t really had that issue in months.” I thought to myself. “I wonder what else has improved in the past year or so. ”

I, like many people, have an ongoing list of health issues that I struggle with. Currently it is my slow digestion that I am most focused on. It occupies a lot of my time and thought, to tweak my diet and herbs, massage my belly, focus on letting go of what I no longer need with ease … As I’m working with these little daily changes I get impatient and sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture.  I get frustrated with how slowly things change. Is all this healing work worth it? Sound familiar?

But really, are they that slow to change?

Awareness, digestion, herbal healing, natural healing, reflection, Meditatio

Here’s my health inventory.

As I said, my neck and shoulders are no longer in chronic pain. A little achy occasionally, but coming from a history of dislocations to have now remained intact for 8 years and be functioning normally with almost no pain is truly remarkable. Bow down to my amazing chiropractor, energy healer and reducing inflammatory foods!

Also, my digestion has actually improved dramatically. No longer do I have bouts of pain and bloating several times a weeks that occasionally are incapacitating. Plus I lost about 20lbs without really thinking about it. People say I look great all the time. I give all the credit there to taking out the grains, refined sugar and beans and adding a series of digestive supplements.

My head doesn’t hurt any more and I rarely spend the whole day in bed because I’m dizzy, in pain and/or simply too exhausted, which means my adrenals are rebuilding. That one took a lot of patience, extra rest and avoiding some of my great stressors, like the intensity of trying to process everyone elses emotions.

And, most pleasing to me, my emotions are more even. Mostly I’m happy, and when I do get upset it is just for a few moments and then I find myself again. Occasionally I get a little anxious but I’m not crying for hours or fuming about something irritating someone did, or just loosing it at the end of the day when I’m hungry and exhausted.

Wow Cat, that’s huge! Pat myself on the back.

Awareness, digestion, herbal healing, natural healing, reflection, Meditatio

I know I’ve had some great healers to work with: intuitive nutritionist Sadie Rutter, chiropractor Judith Boothby, spiritual teacher and bodyworker Ami Oyarzabal. But really I’m the one who’s put in the time and the effort for the last two years to change my diet, learn abut and take herbs and supplements, spend more time in nature connecting with spirit through the plants and mountains, exercising regularly but gently and doing a series of meditations to heal and clear negativity from my system.

Even though it doesn’t always seem like its worth all the effort in the short term, in the long run it has clearly improved my well being and enjoyment of life, dramatically. Glad I checked.

And I’m glad I’ve stuck with it, because now I have own my personal, empirical evidence that indeed it is possible to heal with a little help from people and plants and a lot of taking out the things that are harmful.

” I am so healthy! “

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