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Seeds are sprouting

I put a tray of starts out on my windowsill a few weeks ago. It’s been cold and grey so it was all just soggy and started to mold. Yesterday I moved the tray into the living room, where I’m still using the heat and it’s much dryer. I was sure nothing would come of it all.

But lo! Today seeds are spouting. My first borage plant has risen from the soil.

Look at its cute little fuzzy stem. It’s barely even a plant yet. Just white and all bent over. But it promises to be as beautiful as its ancestors. Bright blue shining star flowers, sweet and mucilagenos to eat. I can hardly wait for them to grow up. They are one of my favorite flowers.






And right beside it in another box the ‘evil’ mold has sprouted too. The most delicate strand with little balls of light on top, glowing in the sun.

I love mosses, ferns and liverworts. I love fermentations of all sorts and now I have become entranced with mold ‘flowers’. Of course they are not flowers, more like mushrooms, the fruiting body of mycelia these little stalks are there to sporulate.


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