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The new hive

bees, kids

The new hive is all set up and ready to receive the shipment of bees I’ll be picking up on Friday.

I had been feeling a bit apprehensive about taking on another year of beekeeping, but now I’m just plain excited. My nuc is due to be picked up at Ruhls bee supply this Friday morning.

It’s going to be a busy day. First dropping off a load of kids at Trillium Charter School, where V is in her second week. Then picking up the bees and installing them in the hive at the Kerr’s house. Once they’re all settled I’m off to my second weekend of herb school with Matthew Wood. Yay, for an exciting life.




  1. I have built a warre with two hive boxes for my back yard but have not yet aquired any bees. My qsteuion is, specifically, hows one install bees into a warre hive? Do you just dump in the top hive box or perhaps remove a few top bars and load them through that space into the next box down? Please let me know. Gerry

    • Cat says

      Hi Gerry,
      Indeed you just pour the bees into the box and then replace the top bars and the lid. It’s a little daunting at first, but that’s how I got my bees into my top bar hive. Once you have a swarm in a container you bring it to your hive and give it one solid tap to get all the bees in on corner, then take off the lid, turn it over and with another good shake pour them into the hive.

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