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The obstacles are thoughts

Self-realization itself does not admit of progress, it is ever the same. The Self remains always in realization. The obstacles are thoughts. Progress is measured by the degree of removal of the obstacles to understanding that the Self is always realized.

Ramana Maharishi

I consider writing down my thoughts. Why do I do that? Why do I write? In hopes that my thoughts are of interest to other people, that I might be appreciated or become famous? That something I say is of benefit to someone who reads it?

I hope that something in my written speaks to people of this voice that is beyond the little self. I hope that if I write enough about what inspires me, or of the conversations I have with my self, or the beauty I observe in the world that some small piece of what is deeper than me will shine through. That god herself will speak in my words from my soul to yours.

Now there is an ambition for my writing. But what else is worth striving for?

Or maybe I took this all the wrong way.

The obstacles are thoughts. Clear the thoughts out and the Self will shine. The Self is already realized. It is realized in all of us.

If everything emanates from Source, then thoughts are the wispy strands extending furthest out into space. Self is in the other direction. And still we use the mind, we use the words to point our way back to Source.

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