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God serving God

Seva = service

“Please help to humanity. I keep begging and asking, we are one. We don’t have any religion. Our religion is only love. God is one. Candles might be different but flame light is same.” – Sri Kaleshwar

The greatest meditation is to help another person. To care about another’s happiness more than my own. Even just for a moment. I listened to a reading today where Swami Kaleshwar was urging us, once again, to go out in the world and take care of the needy.
I could go out to a retirement center or a hospital and look for people in need. I could bring food or flowers or a book to read and be there as a friend to them. There are so many people who are sick and lonely. To go out and find a stranger to serve, it’s out there as something to look into. But it is a little daunting at this point in time.
I see so many people in my day who are in need of some thing from me. Something I can give easily. To be heard or held or fed. It requires a little surrender from me sometimes, to turn away from what I am focused on and give of myself. I feel the power of it even if it takes just a moment. The babies I take care of, my daughter, my mother, a friend who had a hard day. Any of them might be hungry or sad or desperate. And I can pause and be there for them.

Christianity, needy, poor, Service, Sri Kaleshwar, Love, Meditation, relationship
Swami said that if we feed someone until they are full, if we make someone happy then we are a god to them. And he said, as did Jesus, that whoever comes to us in need is him, is the divine incarnate.

So in that moment when I am of service to another person, they are god and I am god. God serving God. It is the greatest truth underlying all illusion. And the greatest blessing when we are awake to it.

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