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I like food

I like food.
I like to read about it, to make it, to eat it and to contemplate all the ways it effects us. The way we think, feel, look, …

I like to try out diets. I spent my teens and 20’s vegetarian, vegan and raw. Then for a while I just ate whatever, though still mostly organic. Almost ten years ago, I had a naturopath who recommended I eat more meat and eggs. I have added in meat and fats and cultured dairy and taken out most of the grains, refined sugar and ultimately carbs.
The funny thing is that I was quite thin as a vegan, and a bit paranoid. On raw foods I gained weight, on whatever I gained more and even more with my pregnancy. It wasn’t until I upped the protein and fat and lowered the carbs that the weight just started to melt away. My energy improved, I feel better, I crave sweets less.
Guess paleo style eating works for my system.

And paleo diet is the new fad. So lots of blogs for me to read full of recipes, ideas and just plain things to contemplate.
I love reading about food. I love making food and eating it. I am fascinated by how food makes me feel.
I like food.

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