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Suddenly realizing the world is not just for us

At this threshold, we are as children, suddenly realizing that the world is not just for us. We realize that there are other consciousnesses around us, interacting with us. – Chiron, Healing Body and Soul – Martin Lass

I had a conversation with my 7 year old daughter recently about how it effects the people around her when she is particularly dramatic in expressing her hurt or upset. She first pushed for the importance of her right to express her feelings and then she acknowledged how that could be scary or upsetting for someone near her. I could see her little mind struggling with the paradox of her need for the space to express and another being’s need for the space not to be expressed upon. Her deeply compassionate nature struggled with her robust sense of self worth.

This dance of the inner and outer world is such a big part of being alive with other people. To know I am worthy of everything I want, and so are you. To feel the connection of my heart with yours as I grasp for something out of your hands. We both pull, we both desire, little children fighting over a toy. Someone might win, something might break, there might be deep pain.

Or, we find somewhere to meet, somewhere to feel together, somewhere to love. In that moment something else becomes possible, to share, to take turns, to just be with each other. It is beyond empathy, I think they call that growing up.

Martin Lass writes about Chiron as the bridge between the inner and the outer world. It is the archetype that helps to heal the wound of the illusion of separation. I say illusion, because we are connected, but I also know that we are separate. This paradox gives so much richness to life and allows for so much pain.

Wouldn’t it be easier to truly be separate and just live life on my own? I could do whatever I want all day. Oh no, how miserably lonely I would get! But once I engage with another consciousness I feel not only my own pain, but yours too. Wow!

This juncture, the desire for merging with another and the desire to remain separate. I find myself there each day. Blissfully in my own thoughts and meditations, or miserable in my own thoughts and meditations, but at least they are my own. And then along comes someone, another consciousness and I run towards it, or resist opening up. It doesn’t really matter, because it is there and once again I am as a little child realizing that the world is not just for me and needing to heal whatever is between us.



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