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Letting go …

Love, relationship, two fish, connection, letting go, reflection, there is no away
There is some point at which we are connected,
as friend or enemy
when we go back far enough
we are One.
It’s just a matter of knowing
how far to let go
or how much to embrace
until we arrive
where it feels right.
There is no “away”
they point out in permaculture circles.
Nowhere to throw our trash that is truly gone.
What about love?
When it ends, does it go away? I think not.
Broken hearts may heal.
But what was,
the possibility and the pain, remain.
Love is eternal.
Is it possible to truly let go?
To dive into the sea and be free once more?
Perhaps our Oneness is like the ocean of life that we all are swimming in.
As that we are One, but at the same time separate entities.
Who choose to create bonds and who can let those dissolve again.
Indeed we will stay tied by shared memories.
But once we let go far enough our Oneness is merely the background, the water and our hearts, souls, bodies are free to move again.
In Sha’llah



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