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A brief glimpse of what lies ahead

great astrology forecast, 2012 forecast, Mars retrograde, astrology blogsNeptune, Lord of infinite Possibility, has just returned home to Pisces, the realm of Dreams and Visions. For the next 13 years. Are you ready to dream your grandest visions of what’s possible for humanity into being, or are you going to hide out with a bottle of wine and play video games all night?

Mars, the Warrior, is on his way back through Virgo, to visit the temple priestess and have his wounds nurtured and energy revived. Are you feeling angry, wounded, overwhelmed and in need of a break or do you already take great care of your body and energy?

Next Week Saturn stations in Libra in preparation for a several month trip of going back to look at what is and what is not working in our lives. Do you have any unfinished business in relationships with anyone? This is a good time to go back and apologize, reach out to a friend in need, pay back the neighbors for watching your kids or deal with whatever is in the way of marrying your true love.

Some portion of my awareness is delighted by all this. “Slow down, take care of myself and the important folks in my life, space out on what might be and feel, oh so deeply, the restrictions of the human condition.” What an exciting adventure.

The rest of me is just deeply aware of the “restrictions of the human condition” and working each day to muster the strength to hold my own heart and those around me in enough compassion to make it through.

I am grateful for astrology, at least the kind that I like to read which reveals the nature of what my consciousness is likely to encounter and how I might find growth and healing in it. I follow several astrologers at this point and totally recommend them to anyone seriously interested in knowing what to expect during this great time of transition 2012.

My favorite daily check in comes from Stephanie Azaria, who’s intuitive  Cosmic Path Astrology is an amazing new interpretation of the traditional signs and planets. For instance she considers Mars, as the ruler of the body, to be reflecting more of our feminine self than we had previously believed.

The first astrologer I seriously followed was Mark McNutt. I still enjoy his moonthly, revolutionary forecasts. Email him to get on his list. He is an established member of Country Fair. Stop by his booth sometime and enjoy his flair.

Emily Trinkaus is a local Portland astrologer who writes beautifully of the interplay of masculine and feminine. She introduced me to the idea of Virgo as the temple priestess, perfecting the home of Spirit represented by her opposite sign, Pisces. She posts forecasts on and Reviving Venus is her new weekly blog devoted to the astrological Venus and the sacred feminine.

I also enjoy reading Rhea Wolf. She is a SE Portland writer, mom and chicken owner. Read her clear New and Full Moon reports. My words today were inspired by her forecast for February.

And I must not forget my favorite, trusty site for free charts and great, basic as well as advanced astrological information.  Though I will add a word of caution, their interpretations tend to be a little more traditional. In the more ‘old school’ Astrology you are likely to encounter a sense of being confronted by and stuck in the challenging aspects of your chart or current transits. The information is good and accurate, but you may have to think for yourself how to use an opposition or square as a place of growth rather than just a good reason to hide under the covers until it passes.
Check them out and tell me what you think. Are you relieved or does it all stress you out? Someday you’ll have to show me your chart and get my 2 cents on it.


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