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Naturally Occurring Nervous Tension

“Back Flower Essences for Naturally Occurring Nervous Tension” it says on my bottle of Oak flower essences. And probably all the Bach essences. What struck me about it today is that it refers to “naturally occurring” nervous tension. I believe I have been under the assumption on some level that nervous tension is not natural. And suddenly I realize the weight that that belief carried. If I am nervous then it is something that I should not be and I must fix it right away.

naturally occuring nervous tension
Ahh, dear Dr. Edward Bach, already in 1932 when you were presenting your work on flower essences you knew that nervous tension is a normal and natural part of being alive as a human. And what a relief for all your patients.
I can see this shift of thinking applying so easily to my own work as a healer. When I work with someone, whether with herbs or Reiki or sound I am mostly honoring them as a perfect being in the process of awakening to themselves. Any discomfort is merely a temporary state to move through along the path. Something to be nurtured or supported in running it’s course and then let go of.
I know when I approach another in healing that is the state of mind I come from. Now I see I get to extend it to myself.
Thanks Dr. Bach

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