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Neptune opposite Mars

Neptune is considered to be the great dissolver  in astrology. In my chart Neptune sits right in the middle of my house of relationships (the 7th house) and opposite Mars.

Astrology, Divine Guidance, Harvey Freeman, Mars, Neptune, Rabindranath Tagore, Relationship, TruthMy Mars is in Gemini in the first house, the house of the self. I enjoy communicating, am impulsive and start many projects. I am very energetic and self-assertive and I rarely retreat from a conflict. That’s a rough paraphrase of some key points from, a great site for free charts. I know it is more complex than that. But I’m sure this blog is in part sponsored by Mars in Gemini.

Neptune is in Sagitarius in the 7th house, the house of the reflected self or intimate relationships. The sign of noble Truth. That’s like a big, fat, stormy, foggy, ocean cloud sitting in front of God. All I want is to love and know God but first I must swim through the mist and dissolve all that stands in the way. In the meantime there are things that I just don’t understand.

“In front of something you can’t understand the easiest thing to do is to accuse the other… the most difficult ~ to love”

Stray Birds, Harvey Freeman based on the teachings of Rabindranath Tagore

I read this passage today. I believe it was written just for me. I have found myself so many times in front of something I could not understand in my most intimate and precious relationships. And that Mars jumps right in, jumps to some great intellectual conclusion and points its finger at someone.

To learn to breathe deep and trust in that Divine Guidance through the veils of fog. That is what I am dancing with these days. Oh Neptune, help me to dissolve my arrogance and find Truth.

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  1. Breezy Boho says

    You and I together 😀 Your chart sounds like mine…let’s flow with the air xx

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