Meditation, Sri Kaleshwar
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Ganesha namaha

When praying to any Hindu God always pray to Ganesh first.

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The Elephant head son of Shiva and Shakti removes obstacles clearing the way for the Divine. He is also known as the Patron Saint of Letters and for his love of sweets. I begin by invoking him.

I am in a 41 day process of charging the Earth Mantra based on the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar. This is my second process I am engaging with his guidance.

As I contemplated a daily meditation that would likely take over and hour and needed to happen at the same time each day I asked for guidance. I got a clear affirmation from another master I have worked with over the years, Sidi Shaykh Muhammad Sai-d Al-Jamal ar-Rifa’i ash-Shadhuli, a renowned Sufi Sheik and head of the Shadhiliyya order in Jerusalem. This affirmation of God as One and all paths that have Truth leading to the same place was so astonishing to me that I immediately dedicated myself to the work.

It is from these same amazing beings that I heard a calling to write about my path, my awakening, the power that is available to all of us here.

Now, back to Ganesh. Last night, on day 13, I chanted the earth mantra 108 times. A deep joy and contentment radiated through my body. I became aware of myself as a child of God, whole in and of myself, one with the Universe, Earth, Matter. The qualities of Ganesh, robust, grounded, clear in his direction, a being of light fully integrated into a solid body of flesh and the pure joy of that experience filled me.

In that place of light I recall the troubles of my evening. The hours I had spent scrambling through the tangled world of web hosting, blog posting, usernames and passwords. The feeling, the taunting call in my inner voice “You screwed it up already. Something irreversible has gone wrong and now you have to pay for it. Just scrap the whole project. It will never be perfect. ….” In the pit of my stomach the tension built, familiar and unbearably painful. Tears squeeze from my eyes. Until I remembered what I was doing. The voice of the mantra rising up to the surface of my consciousness. Sounds marching through my mind and the feelings and images become like a movie. Energy rearranges itself in me. Some is reclaimed, transformed, called back. Some is released to the earth. The great magnet of the earth and Ganesh holding the door open for me to connect to her.

I felt lighter. I am lighter still. More myself, more awake. Another corner of who I am but didn’t want to be is now mine. Another portion of reality has rejoined the whole. For the night my work is done. Allahu Akbar. God is great.


image ©Stock.xchng user abcdz2000

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